It is an Auto accessories suppliers adventure

Biking is a hobby! It is a passion! It is an exercise! It is an Auto accessories suppliers adventure!

Bikes set the hearts racing for millions of people all across the globe. In India, a large number of people love to ride bikes, and some bikers have taken it up as a serious hobby. Biking groups have come up all over the country, which comprise of experienced as well as novice riders. They go out on various expeditions and adventures and travel the road, across highways and cities.

For this very reason, there a large variety of bikes available in the Indian market in different price ranges and they cater to the various demands of the Indian customers.

The best bikes that a person can ride in Drum Brake Wholesalers India are:

The Royal Enfield Himalayan: This bike is the only dedicated entry-level tourer in the country. A rider who finds excitement in travelling to offbeat places will surely find this bike to his/her liking.

It has a powerful 411 cc single cylinder engine that is connected to a five-speed transmission system. It generates a 24 bhp maximum power at 6500 rpm and 32 Nm of maximum torque at 4250 rpm. You can take advantage of the 300 mm disc brake in the front and the 240 mm rear disc brake, to control the vehicle when you are riding on rough terrain. The mileage of 29.48 kmpl ensures that you do not have to refill the tank again and again.

The Bajaj Dominar 400, is Bajaj’s most powerful bike and it combines the characteristics of a power cruiser and a tourer.

It has a highly efficient triple spark 4-valve DTS-I single-cylinder engine that produces 35 bhp power at 8000 rpm, with a maximum torque capacity of 6500 rpm at 35 Nm. It furnishes a big-bike feel, while the full LED headlamp in its mosaic frame causes the bike to stand out.

This bike is available in two variations: Dominar 400 STD and Dominar 400 ABS.

If you are into racing, the TVS Apache RR 310 will enthral This bike was launched on the 35th anniversary of the TVS Company.

It has a large fuel tank, flaunts a carbon-fibre body and offers a powerful on-road performance due to its 313-cc liquid cooled single cylinder engine. It has efficient braking systems, and the six-speed transmission system ensures a seamless experience. It is definitely up for grabs in a showroom near you.

Other best bikes in India include the TVS Jupiter scooter, the TVS Apache RTR 160, Bajaj Pulsar RS 200, KTM Duke 200, Bajaj V15 and the Honda Shine.


Dheeraj Khanna is a travel enthusiast with various travel experiences. His passions include photography and exploring new cultures, while also indulging in a bit of cocktail when the opportunity arises to relax and unwind. During his free time, he loves to indulge in writing about his different experiences. Through this work, he talks about the best bikes that every biker should know about.


Motorcycle/ATV maintenance is not only an essential part of owning a bike

Motorcycle/ATV maintenance is not only an essential part of owning a bike, it can make the difference between safe riding and getting in a dangerous situation or accident. While modern bikes require less maintenance than they did in the past, they still need a lot more attention than a car. Read on to learn how to maintain your motorcycle or ATV for optimum performance. There are many different things you should check on your bike on a regular basis – so many in fact, that you could find yourself spending all your time doing maintenance and spending no time riding. So while it is important to check all the parts on your bike, here are the most important things to check on a regular basis.


Always make sure your ATV or motorcycle tires are properly inflated. Over-inflation or under-inflation can lead to a blow out – which is quite China Brake Disc Suppliers dangerous on a bike as you probably know. Checking your tires takes just a few minutes – so little time in fact that you can do it every time you fill up for gas.


Motorcycles and ATVs generally have two brake fluid reservoirs – one in the Brake disc Manufacturers front and one in the back; both brake fluid reservoirs should be checked regularly and topped off as needed. Brake fluid tends to absorb moisture over time and become less effective, so only use brake fluid from a new, sealed bottle each time you refill the reservoirs. Additionally, you should regularly check the thickness of your brake pads and replace them as soon as necessary. If you allow the brake pads to go right down to the metal your brake disc will be damaged resulting in an unnecessary and expensive replacement of ATV parts or motorcycle parts.


We all know that you need gasoline to make your bike go, but the fuel filter and fuel lines are often overlooked as a form of preventative maintenance on an ATV or motorcycle. If you have a fuel filter, make sure it is not clogged and looks clean; fuel filters should be replaced every two years. Regularly check your fuel lines for cracking or weather damage and replace as needed. If you are parking your bike for an extended period of time, remember to turn the fuel tap to the off position to prevent any fuel from potentially leaking out and flooding the engine.


Regular oil and filter changes will keep your bike running at optimum performance. Your oil level should be kept at high or maximum level, and your oil filter should be changed with ever other oil change. Generally you should change your oil every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. High temperatures, speed, time, heavy traffic, short trips and dust can quickly destroy the quality of your oil, so if you ride in these conditions change your oil more frequently.


While the battery is a very common cause for breakdowns, it can be awkward to get to, and unfortunately doesn’t get checked often. However, your bike battery only requires a little monthly maintenance to perform perfectly. Always keep the battery charged to 100%; recharge the battery when the lights appear dim, the starter sounds weak, or the battery hasn’t been used in more than two weeks.

The shox 29 is therefore proving to be the more superior

The shox 29 is therefore proving to be the more superior of the two designs, with distinct advantages and benefits. The durability of the Rock shox 29 ensures that the bike works at its best capability without experiencing any difficulties. The coil spring type, found in the Rock shox 29, worked amazingly, allowing the rider to spin and shift smoothly.

The Rock shox 29, are forks designed specifically for mountain bike riders.


Albert Devon has been associated with best disc brakes products and best online mega store who deals in Rock shox 29 , Hydraulic Disc Brakes, shimano 105 groupset and more branded products at best price. Their steer tubes are ideal for purposes of increasing durability.. The forks have built on the strength of the previous design that is the Rock shox 26, while the same time minimizing its failures and weaknesses. The brake mount, which is designed in the form of a 74mm disc, allows riders of competitive bikes such as those in the Shimano Groupset, to confidently control the speed, being able to stop the bike easily. The reliability is enhanced by the spring technology that keeps it from wearing out


The shox 29, have been tested on the Shimano 105 groupset to determine the capability and reliability so these shocks under the competitive bike. The ideal fork provides support, balance while at the same time ensuring the rider can maintain speed and maneuver easily. Quality forks such as the Rock shox 29 do not interfere with the adjust ability of the bike, ensuring that the ride is as adventurous and fun as the rider would like it to be. The shimano 105 groupset has employed the most advanced technology, to enhance its performance.

There are many reasons why cross-country riders, require forks, automotive brake Manufacturers top among them being for balance purposes. Cross-country riders are fast coming to the realization that quality forks make the ride easier and much more comfortable.

The shimano groupset, designs strong bikes that are ideal for cross country riding. This feature gives even the new bike riders, confidence in managing the bike. These two qualities are found in plenty in the shox 29.

The Rock shox 29 is highly respected by bikers who handle tough terrain. There are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting the ideal fork for your bike, however, quality and automotive brake factory reliability should be top among the most sought after qualities. Bike lovers and riders can rest assured that they do not need to frequently interchange the forks, thereby disrupting the bike many times. The groupset features the most stylish and durable mountain bikes for the riders. They are especially beneficial to the competitive riders. They require quality support equipment, such as the Rock shox 29